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Best College Programs of All Time

Posted on: September 16, 2009 2:30 pm

Just thinking about College Football.  All the great programs and traditions.  The rivalries, players and characters that make up the history.  Makes it hard to argue that there is a better sport.  The elite programs all have tradition, rivalries, history, memorable games, characters, and players.  In trying to get a current ranking of programs the following five factors were considered:  (1)Tradition and history, (2)Historical success, (3)Success for this decade, (4)Rivalries, (5) Players, Coaches, and Characters.  Here's my current top ten with a few honorable mentions.  Just an opinion - let's hear your thoughts.

1.  USC - Richer history noses out Florida.
2.  Florida - Most successful program this decade with a chance to make it a no brainer.
3.  Texas - Earl Campbell, Vince Young, Oklahoma rivalry.
4.  Ohio State - Archie Griffen, Woody, Michigan rivalry, Decade most teams can't hope for.
5.  LSU - on a roll this decade, great SEC rivalries.
6.  Oklahoma - Switzer, Simms, Texas and Nebraska rivalries.
7.  Penn State - Joe Pa, reemerging this past few years.
8.  Miami - A little off recently, but count on them coming back, Kosar, Blades, Jimmy Johnson.
9.  Alabama - The Bear, Namath, Auburn.
10. Georgia - Walker, Dooley, The Hedges.
11. Notre Dame - Down decade - maybe two - but respectable, History and Tradition are tops, Almost every game is Rivalry.
12. Florida State - Bowden, Wide Right, Ward, Florida and Miami Rivalries.

Honorable Mention (no order):
Auburn - Bo, Alabama.
Michigan - Bo, Ohio State, they will be back.
Nebraska - Rozier, Osborn, determined to get back to what they were, and they will.
Utah - New - remember Miami, Florida, and Florida State 30 years ago?

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